Ecole Centrale de Lille

Since 1872, Ecole Centrale de Lille has been training multi-disciplinary engineers*, who each year fill up the management positions in many international (15%) and national (85%) companies. Today the Ecole Centrale de Lille, also known as Centrale Lille or even EC Lille, is a state institution of Scientific, Cultural and Professional teaching (EPCSCP). The activities carried out in the context of the Intergroupe des Ecoles Centrale also multiplied, a sure sign of the ever increasing strength of the network outlook. Numerous research programs are also developped in the framework of 6 laboratories (including 4 CNRS labs). Together with our 13 teaching departments, this guarantees the multi-disciplinary character of the Engineering course at Centrale Lille.

The Ecole Centrale de Lille lies at the heart of the dynamic and welcoming Lille metropolis, at the crossroads of the main European routes (Paris, London, Brussels). It combines scientific and technical skills with human qualities, which make our students the future players in the economic development.

* In the French system, the Master’s degree (“Diplôme d’ingénieur”) is awarded after 5 years of studies.

Key figures

  • 100 permanent teaching staff,
  • 230 contractual teaching staff,
  • 22 500 m2 of space (including a residence composed of 600 places),
  • 13 teaching departments
  • 1200 students,
  • 1000 student-engineers*,
  • 200 Master2 and PhD students,
  • 20 % students in double diploma,
  • 15% hired abroad, 85% in France,
  • 100% got a significant international experience before graduation,
  • 20 nationalities represented,
  • 6 research labs including 4 within CNRS and 2 INRIA teams,
  • 70 associations and clubs (98% of the students are members of a least one)

Involvement in the project

The Ecole Centrale de Lille is involved in all the control and robotics activities of SYSIASS. This includes path planning, motion control, estimation, space localization (SLAM), performance optimization… The concerned researchers belong to the CNRS lab LAGIS and the INRIA team Non-A.



Thierry Floquet Thierry Floquet
ResearcherCNRS-LAGISControl Robotics 


Laurentiu Hetel Laurentiu Hetel
Researcher CNRS-LAGISControl-Networked & Embedded Systems
Alexandre Kruszewski Alexandre Kruszewski
Assistant Professor EC-Lille- LAGISControl Networked & Embedded Systems
Wilfrid Perruquetti Wilfrid Perruquetti
ProfessorEC-Lille – LAGIS
Control Robotics
Jean-Pierre Richard Jean-Pierre Richard
Professor EC-Lille – LAGISControl Networked & Embedded Systems
Xin Jin Xin Jin
Embedded Systems Engineer,
transfer ISEN – EC Lille 


Srinath Govindaswamy

Postdoctoral Research Assistant


Zhaopeng Qiu



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