Institut Supérieur de l’Electronique et du Numérique

ISEN is an engineering college which dates back to the birth of Electronics. It was founded on a University campus with 6 university departments and 30 colleges. This 135 year-old University brings together 22 000 students.

ISEN consists of 4 campuses in Brest, Lille, Rennes and Toulon. The training and research activities are recognized worldwide in all the applications of Electronics: Control Engineering, IT, Telecommunications, Networking, Microelectronics as well as Nanotechnologies.

300 students graduate every year*. 6 400 ISEN-trained engineers are currently working on all continents and in all industrial branches. Most of them are employed in French or foreign international companies such as : EADS,Thales Group, Airbus, IBM,Toyota, British Telecom, Siemens, STMicroelectronics, Infineon, Intel,Texas Instruments and more.

* In the French system, the Master’s degree (“Diplôme d’ingénieur”) is awarded after 5 years of studies.


Main figures

  • 4 campuses
  • 1 500 students
  • 300 students graduate every year
  • 6 400 ISEN-trained engineers
  • 8 laboratories
  • 220 professors, researchers and teachers
  • 950 quotations in scientific publications per year in the world

For more information, visit the website of ISEN

Involvement in the project

ISEN is involved in all project activities of SYSIASS and is also the lead partner.

More precisely the role of the ISEN lies in the design phase of the smart wheelchair : the prototype specifications, building and test development. ISEN is also involved in the wheelchair instrumentation, in data processing from these sensors and in the development of localization algorithms and navigation strategies for the wheelchair.

In all activities ISEN will collaborate with each partner and with the neurologists, re-education staff and the occupational therapists of the Hospital of the Catholic Institute of Lille (GHICL), which is in charge of patients affected by the multiple sclerosis.

Staff involved




Annemarie Kökösy Annemarie Kökösy
Project Manager
Research in Autonomous Navigation 


Florence Alberti
Project Financial Assistant
Jeannette Lafages
Communication Manager
Laurent Allain
Website Manager


Bruce Ferrer
Reasearch Engineer
Jean Marc Capron
Research in Electronic Systems 


Mikael Morelle
Research in Communication Systems 


Evelyne Litton


Former Members

  • Christelle Sethi: Secretary 2010-2011
  • Hugues Sert: PhD Student, Research in Autonomous Navigation
  • Jorge Palos: Project Manager Assistant, Research in Image Processing
  • Valérie Vandenhande: Project Financial Assistant
  • Xin Jin: Embedded Systems Engineer, transfer ISEN – EC Lille. Email:
  • David Boulinguez: Communication manager
Mikael Morelle
Research in Communication Systems 


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