Concerned People

o The elderly and disabled people

As users of intelligent autonomous wheelchair, the elderly or disabled people are directly concerned by the project SYSIASS. They will benefit from a system improving their autonomy, their movements, and their integration into our societies.

o Medical and paramedical professions

SYSIASS planned to facilitate access to patient medical data for medical and paramedical professions in contact with him. In addition the system developed by SYSIASS plans to help these professions to learn the handling of the chair by the patient.

o Businesses

Better mobility, greater autonomy will participate in a better integration of patients in our societies, particularly at the professional level. Businesses will be able to more easily integrate people with disabilities in their staff.

o Hospitals

SYSIASS integrates the aspect of data security, a crucial point when those are medical. Hospitals are the first institution affected by this safety aspect.

o Researchers and actors of R & D

SYSIASS will develop new techniques in the field of mobile robotics and therefore interest researchers in this field.

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